About William Freedman

Hi, I’m William Freedman, a New York-based financial and technology journalist accepting reporting and editing assignments on a freelance basis. Here’s where I post my credentials and clips.
I live in Jersey City, NJ, less than an hour from anywhere in New York City. I can be reached via
phone/SMS: 516.492.1855
email: william@bywilliamfreedman.com
Skype: by.william.freedman
Twitter: @WilliamFreedman


  1. Bill — Bill Kozel gave me your name. I run a content marketing firm in Westchester County. I believe he mentioned us to you. I’m wondering if you have some time to talk over the next couple days about a possible new project we have coming up. I’m at 914-591-8863 and at mike@leveragemedia.com. Thanks. Mike Winkleman

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