Hedge Fund Digest and related sites

The 8 Rules of How to Use (and Not to Use) Email

Drumming Up Business with a Different Drummer

Preparing for Your First Cap Intro

Liquidity: The Small Hedge Fund’s Best Value Proposition

Perfect Pitch: How Not to Be Tone-Deaf to Investors

Hedge Funds in 2013: Year in Review

Hedge Fund Technology Behind the Trade

Are Hedge Fund Managers Born or Made?

 Why List with Hedge Fund Databases?

Choosing a Cap Intro Hedge Fund Database

Picking a Hedge Fund Administrator

Check-in Time for Hedge Fund Hotels

Selecting the Right Prime Broker

Getting Your Money’s Worth from Hedge Fund Attorneys

How to Assemble Your Hedge Fund Team

2012 Hedge Fund Compensation Report v13 20111227 wf

Vulture capitalist? Wolverine capitalist?

JOBS Act: Targeted to Create U.S. Jobs for Everyone Except You

Wild West End of London

Sober Up, Be Nice, and For Cryin’ Out Loud Keep Your Pants On

Negotiating With the Stars

How Not to Get Laid Off

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