The hedge fund beat

A lot of my work recently has followed the hedge fund industry. A hat tip to my steady and steady-paying client the Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance.

My only nit is that I don’t get a byline, but now that I’m blogging about my journalistic endeavors, I can correct that in this space.

The last article of mine posted there saw daylight on — holy cannoli! — March 7, 2012. This feature, which was intended to have a long shelf life, concerned how hedge funds are not exactly cutting-edge with their technology. Previous work posed such questions as “Are Hedge Fund Managers Born or Made?” and “Why List with Hedge Fund Databases?”

At the risk of burying the lede, I just wanted to let you know that I have three stories in the can at HFMA that will be appearing over the next couple months: polishing a hedge fund pitch book, differentiation funds through strategy and process, and preparing for a hedge manager’s first capital introduction.

These new stories all include audio interviews with the sources, and I’ll link this blog to those as soon as they’re made public.

Meantime, I have a pipeline of more HFMA stories under contract. Stay tuned.

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