Back where I started

Sorry for the radio silence in recent weeks. I was on a three-month assignment in IT financial management, as a practitioner rather than an observer.

I’m of course very glad for the opportunity to learn, apart from the paycheck. The knowledge I gained running the business case and chargeback work stream for Bank of America’s Project Greenfield will certainly inform my further writing as a technology and business journalist.

Before and since my work at the bank, I’ve been contributing to Tom’s IT Pro – a focused companion site to Tom’s Guide – on articles that demonstrate how to build a case to support particular kinds of IT change.

My first piece for TIP was supposed to be on making the case for cloud storage, but that became my second story. I suggested to the editors we back up a little and not assume that people who work in data centers are up to speed on how investment decisions are made; they agreed, and allowed me to start off with a primer on how generally to make an IT business case.

TIP has since published another article I authored on talking the CFO into buying flash storage for the enterprise rather than just for some lucky stiffs’ laptops.

Sometime next week, a TIP article on the case for — and against — IT orchestration will bear my byline.

My current work in progress for TIP has less to do with business cases and more to do with use cases: How do you decide whether to go with in-house virtual desktop infrastructure, and when do you farm out Desktop as a Service? I’ll let you know when these last two go live.


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