Mission Accomplished!

It took 59 days, 4,000 miles and 90 rides, but I am now the only person to ever cross America using only local transit, regional intercity bus routes and pre-arranged ride shares. No national carriers, no phone apps, no cabs, no hitchhiking — just a cross-country commute.

There will be a book in this. Meantime, I have a unique credential as a transit expert which I intend to leverage as an authoritative voice reporting on transit. Considering that the first stirring of bipartisanship in Washington was marked by passage of a $325 billion transportation act, I might be able to find a broader audience. Meantime, I invite you to view my clips on the subject. Full disclosure: In return for a grant, I have been writing blog entries for my corporate sponsor, Ecolane, a publisher of scheduling software for paratransit.

Meantime, I’ve been busy writing for Tom’s IT Pro. I finally got around to updating my IT business case clips on that page.

I’ve also been increasing my time spent on IT management consulting, but I still have some bandwidth if you can use my newly expanded skill set. I’m easy to get a hold of.

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