New clips, new clients

Lots to update today, so let’s get straight to it.

First, congratulations to my editor at Tom’s IT Pro: first-time mommy Kasia Lorenc! She and her now four-month-old daughter are both happy and healthy, and here’s wishing then all the best.

TIP really missed her while she was gone — perhaps me most of all. She has always been a strong advocate of the business case stories. Here are the ones that ran since the last update in this space:

There are many more to come, as a couple got stuck in the queue while Kasia was away. But the follow-up feature she assigned me on Getting Your Money’s Worth Out of Unified Communication has also seen the light of day.

Additionally, I’ve continued to contribute to Ecolane’s blog, post-Cross Country Local:

Again, more to come.

Lastly, I’d like to welcome a couple new clients: LogicMonitor and Olark. Similar to Ecolane, these are technology companies that are commissioning me to write articles for their blogs and I look forward to collaborating with them. I’ll post links to the articles as they appear.


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