Welcome back, Global Finance

I can’t really call Global Finance magazine a new client because it was one of my first when I first started freelancing from New York 20 years ago. I did their World’s Largest Banks league tables back then, when I was one of the few journalists in town who knew how to format data in Excel.

I was up for a job with GF recently, interviewing for their digital editor position. The full-time gig went to someone else but, throughout the selection process, both the editors and I were keen to work together on a freelance basis if I came in second (which I did). So now I can announce that I’ll have an article in the next issue, and I’ll post a link to it as soon as it sees daylight.

Meantime, I’ve also been working with a couple new clients on test prep video scripts and personal finance content. Again, I’ll post links in this space when it’s all fully baked.

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