More clients!

Just a quick update: I’ve been working pretty steady for DealFlow Alternative Lending Report for the past few weeks, and really enjoying it! Part of what makes it such a delight is having such a great editor in Steve Evans. As a journalist, you can only help to have someone back at the desk who takes your masterpiece which you consider sacrosanct down to the last keystroke and makes it twice as good.

Meantime, I did a one-off bit of work for a confidential client who wanted a business continuity plan. It’s not well known to my writing clients — albeit long-established fact to my IT consulting clients — that one of my first gigs at IBM was as the lead developer of intellectual capital around contingency planning in advance of Y2K. The work I did for the District of Columbia got leveraged around the world. In retrospect, it was only 21 months later that those skills came in handy as I served on the teams that helped two money-center banks recover from the 9/11 attacks.

And I just got started on a scope of work for a confidential fintech company to improve their website copy. Working with some solid pros there, and hope to stick around a while.

Offsetting this, I came to end-of-job with a longstanding IT consulting client, so I’m still in a position to pick up another couple gigs on the writing side.

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