Welcome to two new clients: DealFlow and a confidential non-publisher

As you may have gathered, I’ve been rebuilding my freelance business since parting company with BoroughCon earlier this year. This past month has seen two big steps in that direction and I can talk — at least a little — about them now.

I’ll start with the one I shouldn’t say too much about, but it does stem from the BoroughCon work. No, I’m not launching another pop culture convention. But someone I met through that world has asked me to do for them what I initially did for BoroughCon: Write their business plan. My primary BoroughCon assignment was to craft a case to raise $100,000 in equity capital; it ended up bringing in, well, much more than that. Even so, we’re talking even bigger bucks with the current project, and I’ll let you know more once the the project is formally announced.

Meantime, I’m very happy to be doing straight-dope news reporting for DealFlow’s Alternative Finance Report. It’s the trade journal for online lenders — or marketplace lenders or peer-to-peer lenders. I’m working on my third story for editor Steve Evans, about new laws being proposed to either make it easier to sue these lenders or to make it harder. I’ve got another story in the can about how regular e-commerce traffic metrics don’t apply in this industry. Click here for my AFR debut story, explaining why there is not yet a credit default swap market for online loans.

I’m in talks with at least three other potential ongoing clients. Wish me luck! Or, alternately, put me to work for yourself. I’m really looking forward to telling an editor, “Sorry, I’m too busy now.”

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