Pretty much fully engaged

I figure I need to work on average 21 days a month at pro rates to succeed at this gig economy, and I’m just about there.

Four days come courtesy of my IT consulting client, the Anti-Defamation League. I get another four days on average from DealFlow Media and another four from a confidential client for whom I do some financial newsletter writing. (If you’d like to know more about that, hit me up offline.) I get another three from Global Finance, for which I’m doing both reporting and editing starting tomorrow.

That gives me six days of side projects, and I’m hitting that. I have two channels through which I get repeat business, and every now and then something unexpected comes over the transom. (Most of this is ghostwriting, so I can’t share it here.) And even if I book zero of those six side-project days, I’m still treading water financially. In fact, I consider Day 21 to be my day for administrivia.

So I still have some flexibility if you’re an editor who’d like to talk about assignments. But if you’re just a friend checking up on me: Thanks, deeply, for your concern. But I’m good.

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