All booked up but always looking for more!

So this happened last week: Global Finance asked me to work onsite as digital editor on an interim basis. That’s in addition to my work there on the copy desk and, of course, as a contributing writer. I’ll have a piece in the March issue interviewing Michael J. Casey from the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative, a major proponent of the blockchain economy.

That was sheer serendipity, because I have lately been expanding my fintech journalism credentials into writing about blockchain. If you want to see what I’ve been up to, follow my Ecoinomics channel on Telegram and my blog on Medium. Among the points I make:

  • The concept of money predates — and will outlast — sovereign currency,
  • The dollar has been a cryptocurrency since at least 1971 and
  • The only thing new about alt-coins is the underlying blockchain technology — they’re really just bearer bonds and have been around for a couple centuries.

Agree? Disagree? Visit me on Medium and let me know!

Meantime, I recently had my scope enlarged at my favorite IT consulting client, the Anti-Defamation League.

And my confidential clients keep finding more stuff for me to do. And I still contribute occasionally to DealFlow’s Alternative Lending Report.

So I’m in demand. If I were you, I’d lock me in now before rates go up!

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