Making my bones in blockchain

I’m starting to see results on my goal of establishing credentials in the blockchain space.

First, I want to thank the editors of Global Finance for the opportunity to interview Michael J. Casey, the MIT Media Lab guru on digital currency. You can find the article here.

pexels-photo-730564.jpegI’ve added a couple more items to my blockchain economics blog on Medium. About a month ago, I made the case that the money supply has almost always been a creature of merchants and producers, and that the history of fiat currency is actually rather brief by comparison. Yesterday, I posted my critique of the Bank for International Settlement’s dismissive view of cryptocurrencies issued by central banks.

If you’re looking for one-stop shopping for blockchain economics news, then visit my Telegram channel, Ecoinomics. (If you follow this link, you’ll be prompted to download the app.)

You can expect I’ll be doing more and more in the blockchain space as the year progresses.

Meantime, I’ve onboarded a couple more financial newsletter clients who will remain confidential, but they know whom they are. Welcome!

And if you go to the Global Finance and DealFlow pages of this site, you’ll see a few more clips of interest to some.

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