Truth is my brand

I’m not the best person I could be. I’ve missed a lot of lay-ups in my life. I’ve made a ton of mistakes. I’m crude and unfiltered. I’m impatient and undisciplined.

But I give myself points for one thing, though: I’m honest. Whether it’s because I fetishize the truth or whether it’s because I’m just a crappy liar I leave it to you to ponder. But I can generally be relied upon to give you the straight dope as I see it.

That doesn’t mean I have to take a vow of poverty, though.

In the interest of disclosure, I take on my share of work-for-hire for which I’m paid reasonably well. Having reached the point where there’s an ever-expanding interest in my web content and financial newsletter writing, I’ve added a page of commissioned work to this clip site.

Notice I didn’t say “full disclosure”. Most if not all of this is confidential. Thus, I password-protected the Work for Hire page. If you have a need to know who I’m working for as a contractor, I’ll be happy to share that with you if you’re willing to keep that information to yourself. If you don’t need to know, then I must protect the reputations of those who do me the honor of hiring me to write under their names.

I do want to assure the editors and readers of my straight-news journalism that, just because I get paid to write, doesn’t mean I get paid to lie. It’s not in me. Anyone hiring me to do some research and add professional gloss to their communications also need to know this.

On the flip side, I’ve also been doing a lot of writing for free. As you might know, I’ve recently caught the blockchain bug. As a result, I’ve been writing a Medium blog on the economics of cryptocurrencies, pretty much just to vent about how mundane these assets really are and how willfully ignorant of them the greatest minds in the world insist on being.

Yes, it’s mainly just venting. I can’t honestly say it’s for the exposure because hardly anyone reads it. Feel free to start a trend.


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