A couple noteworthy new clips

First of all, greetings from my new neighborhood, the Heights section of Jersey City. I’m loving the multi-vector commute into New York City, which takes about one-third of the time and one-third of the expense of the trip in from Nassau County. Second, everything is cheaper in New Jersey than it is on Long Island. Then again, I’d have to relocate to Silicon Valley to spend more on basic necessities.

The best part about the move is a return to city living. The best part for me, that is. My kids are children of the suburbs. I do take perverse pleasure in watching them freak out. All except the apartment-sized dog we’ve had since 2015 (a mixed papillon — see the gratuitous cute-puppy pics). Suddenly, his life makes sense.

dog park 2 july 2018
Mr. Furrydman’s first time at a dog park

Moving takes a lot of time, so it’s amazing I’ve been able to get any work done. So I guess I’m living proof that the old platitude is true: If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.

First of all, I got a new byline in Global Finance. I contribute frequently to that magazine, but this is the first time they’ve given me an assignment of feature length. It’s about how financial restructuring seems to be gearing up across industries and geographies and — with stock markets soaring and no-questions-asked loans a growth business — you can’t blame a lack of cash on a lack of access to capital. Could it be that management no longer has anything to blame except its own incompetence? I dare to ask, and GF dares to lend the space. Thank you, managing editor Edith Updike, for turning my rough draft into something worth reading!

Second, as you know, I’ve been working with a startup called Collective Wisdom Technologies (here are links to my related clips). CEO Byron Bennett asked me to interview him in support of this and I agreed. So here is this informational marketing piece, which runs about 10 minutes. Please give it a view! And if you know of anyone who’d benefit from associating with CWT either as a founder or an investor, share the link!

dog park 1 nj july 2018
Meeting the neighbors

I was never an on-camera guy. There are reasons why my undergrad degree was in radio broadcasting. But here we are in the streaming media age (did I mention Jersey City has gigabit wifi?), and it’s table stakes now. So please give me whatever notes you have on my interview with Byron. (It’s already been said about my skin tone: “He looks like he’s on his way from the bar to the emergency room.” I’m open to makeup tips.)

So to get comfortable with self-streaming, I’ve been vlogging on LinkedIn. If we’re connected on LinkedIn, please give me a view. If not, please introduce yourself!

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