Welcome aboard, HFM / Pageant Media!

A few months ago I had a cup of coffee at my favorite lower Manhattan patisserie, Little Italy’s renowned Ferrara Bakery, with Michael Paterakis. Mike is an editor at Pageant Media, a B2B financial news outlet. His job is to edit a monthly magazine focused on commodity trading advisors, a breed of hedge fund managers that rely almost entirely on quantitative data.

As he picked up the check, it was Mike’s hope that I’d be able to pitch him some ideas for CTA Intelligence, his slice of the HFM brand, and I promise I will. In the meantime, I wrote the first of what I hope are many  stories for its sibling publication, HFMTechnology.

I wrote the story to be specific to the hedge fund industry, per the assignment, but the impact of AI in  the human resources space is really industry-agnostic. It applies anywhere. The upshot is: The Person of Interest technology now exists to get you fired for something you’re likely to do.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.15.14 PM

You can find the story in the PDF linked here.

I look forward to doing more stories for HFM Technology, CTA Intelligence and HFM, as well as products in Pageant’s other lines.

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