Welcome, Fusemachines

Flanked by Fusemachines' marketing team of Preeti Adhikary, left, and Allen Kendunga


(Flanked by Fusemachines’ marketing team of Preeti Adhikary, left, and Allen Kendunga)

I just updated the pages on this site that link to clips, a chore I’ve put off for about a month.

Maybe I’m being uncharitable with myself. It’s not so much that I’ve been putting it off as I haven’t had time. Every link represents anywhere from half a day’s to half a week’s work, and there were a lot. (And that’s what I’m going to tell myself when my inner critic reminds me I’ve been neglecting my Medium blog on cryptoeconomic history.)

My work with The Industry Spread and Sharestates kept me plenty busy, but that isn’t by any stretch the whole story. I’ve been writing about three stories a week for ongoing confidential clients, getting my byline in Global Finance and working on a couple business plans.

Meantime, marketing efforts are bearing fruit as well. I just on-boarded two new clients, one of whom I’m comfortable introducing you to today, and the other I’ll announce next time.

Anyway, warmest greetings to Fusemachines, an artificial intelligence purveyor, located a convenient one block from Global Finance in the Flatiron District. (If you’re ever in the neighborhood, let me take you to Beecher’s, the neighborhood bar that makes its own cheese.) The you-can’t-call-it-a-startup-anymore retained me to help with its messaging as it targets distinct verticals.

I want to offer a special thanks for my client-side sponsor Preeti Adhikary, whom I met via Fintech Connector, a global online+IRL which is proving to be a great source of marketing leads for me. She is not only an exceptionally nice person and a lead-from-the-front executive with an inspiring work ethic, she has also helped me with romantic advice that has proven sagacious. (No context for you!) The only thing that could make Preeti a better boss is if she had an endless supply of beer. Oh, wait. Her husband is Carlsberg’s U.S. manager.

Well, back to work for me. It’s nice to have a full day, but it’s even nicer when, as has been the case lately, every day is full!

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